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That Time I Joined the Circus - J.J. Howard Lexi (or Xandra, or X, or whatever else she's calling herself at the moment. This girl changes names like most girls change underwear) loses her dad (coincidentally on the night she hooks up with her best friend who is the boyfriend of her OTHER best friend) and gets kicked out of school so she heads out to find her long lost mom who may or may not have joined a circus.

Yeah, I just read that sentence over and it pretty much sums up the silliness of the whole plot. She gets involved with no less that three love interests (one of whom, Nick, is 19 but acts and talks like a 43 year old. Creepy.), she doesn't really grow from her experiences (when the ex-friend with whose boyfriend she hooked up with comes to the circus Lexi decided she's not sorry. Nice.), and ends up with the original hookup guy. Seems like she could have saved the aggravation and just run off to his house instead of the circus.

I received this book from Net galley in exchange for a review.