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Connection: 1 (Le Garde) - Emily Ann Ward The premise of this book grabbed me: Teens that were connected by supernatural powers, in this case the ability to control electricity, reading each others thoughts and feelings, telepathy. Sounds cool, huh?

Yeah, not so much. Because only about a tenth of the book dealt with that interesting premise. The rest was eaten up by really immature ramblings of the characters relationships ("I think I like my friend, but no I like my boyfriend, but maybe I like my friend, but wait...") until I wanted to bang my head against the wall.

The author wrote literally pages of descriptions of the teens having a flour fight as they were making pizza, tickle fights, and making out. But when it came to their powers we got a sentence: "We practiced our powers for two hours."

So much fluff, so little plot. I won't be reading the sequel.