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Creepy Christmas - Jaimie Admans Kaity and her little sister Pippa are faced with the possibility of the worst Christmas ever. Their parents have just had a bitter divorce and the girls miss having their dad at home. Mom and dad are fighting and their kids are often in the middle. And worst of all, Mom's sudden new internet boyfriend Seth has moved in for a few weeks. Not to mention the overnight appearance of a mysterious battalion of identical snowmen who move when no one is watching. Turns out that divorce is the least of Kaity's worries when the Anti-Claus, arch-nemesis of Santa Claus, shows up at the mall where Kaity's dad is head of security. Can Kaity stop him from ruining Christmas, get rid of Seth, and get her parents back together in time to open presents? Well, she'll have some help from the REAL Santa who shows up with his daughter Blizzard to save the day.

Very charming Christmas book for tweens with a nice balance of whimsy and real feelings. Take the "creepy" with a grain of salt, however. It's definitely a read for everyone and not a bit scary.