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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff Brenna Yovanoff has quickly become one of my favorite YA authors.

The Space Between tells the story of Daphne, the demon daughter of Lilith and Lucifer, who lives in Pandemonium, a chrome and steel city in Hell. Her brother Obie, the son of Lilith and Adam the first man, who is dedicated to saving earthly souls from eternal torment in Hell goes missing after falling in love with a human woman. Daphne journeys to Earth to rescue him, guided by Truman, a boy who was saved from death by Obie.

The story is rich with atmosphere and Yovanoff's trademark honesty of writing - she never pulls any punches or rose-colors any difficult situations. The story is dark and twisted, yet at the same time beautiful and compelling, leaving you with the feeling that good and evil are really just a point of view.