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Waking the Moon - Elizabeth Hand I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins with a group of college freshmen at Washington D.C.'s University of the Archangels and St. John the Divine where an ancient order called the Benandanti are headquartered. It immediately becomes evident that the mysterious Benandanti maintain a far-reaching control of most of society and that they are recruiting amongst the students. But when a member of the order finds a mysterious archaeological treasure and passes it onto a student, she unleashes the ancient moon goddess onto the world.

The story is complex and spans over twenty years, but it never drags or becomes overwhelming. The writing style is reminiscent of Stephen King at times, delivering some pretty good scares while spinning a web of mystery that ensnares the reader completely. I found the book captivating, exciting, and engrossing.