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The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff This book has a dark take on a dark subject: changelings.

The town of Gentry has enjoyed relative prosperity in exchange for the fey periodically taking some of their children and replacing them with weak and ugly changelings that generally die soon thereafter. But once in a while, if someone is able to love the changeling enough, it can grow and change into something... almost human. And that's what's happened to Mackie Doyle - or Mackie Doyle's changeling to be exact.

I liked all the characters in this story, they rang very true. Overall the book was pretty somber, definitely had a down feel to it which worked for me. I guess maybe I was in a down-ish place when I read it. The tone didn't miraculaously change at the end. either. While the ending was satisfying and positive, it never wavered from the gritty realism that made this book unique.