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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake If I could have tailor-made a perfect book for me, this would be it.

Cas Lowood is a 17 year old ghost killer. It's an ability he inherited from his father - along with a magical athame that he uses to slay the ghosts with. His father was murdered by a particularly evil spirit and Cas had vowed revenge, but only when he feels he is experienced enough to take on his father's killer. So for now, he and his mom travel from place to place, chasing after the most dangerous ghosts.

And that's how he meets up with Anna... Anna Dressed in Blood, one of the most powerfully dangerous spirits Cas has ever come across. And yet, when Anna has Cas in her clutches, she doesn't kill him. And he can't seem to kill her either.

As he pursues Anna, Cas - without meaning to - assembles a small group of friends (not entirely unlike Buffy's Scooby gang, but don't tell Cas I said that. He hates to be compared to her.) who back him up.

The story is delightfully chilling in parts and wonderfully touching in others (especially when you learn Anna's backstory).The characters are all rich and interesting, none more so than Cas himself. He's the kind of hero everyone can identify with.

And then there's Anna. She's both fascinating and frightening. Like Cas, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I can not WAIT to read the sequel. Anna Dressed in Blood is one of the best books I've read this year.