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Entwined - Heather Dixon The best word to describe this book is "charming." From start to finish it was charming and very reminiscent of a Jane Austen style of prose while still being an easy read for modern audiences.

I love the fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and this was a smart re-imagining of the story. The tragic loss of their mother at the very start of the story combined with a distant, grieving father led the Princesses to seek out the magic ballroom presided over by the mysterious Keeper. But is he friend or foe? Although a bit predictable, the story was satisfyingly so, because everything ended up just as you would have hoped.

My only issue with the book was the author's constant reference to the heroine's toes curling. (No, not in THAT way, it's definitely a G rated story!) Seriously, I think this girl's toes curled at least seventeen times. "Her toes curled in her slippers...", "her toes curled in her boots...", they curled when she was angry, they curled when she was scared, they curled when she was near the man she grew to love. I began to worry if she had some sort of muscular disorder. It got to the point where every time I read the phrase "her toes curled..." I was pulled right out of the story. Enough already! With such otherwise poetic prose filling her pages, the author needs to chuck this phrase out the literary window.

Still, toes not withstanding, I'd read another book by this author any time. Especially if I was the mood for something sweet, captivating, and above all charming.